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GR Thursdays Tutorials

GRT Tutorials

We developed some great, potentially life changing tutorials that can help you improve your life. At present we have tutorials on finance and self improvement. Our list of tutorials is rapidly expanding and we sincerely hope you find great value in them. We give you 1 free tutorial as a bonus every time you make a purchase from the GR Thursdays website. If your order exceeds $200 you will get 2 tutorials instead of 1. Below is a list of GR Thursdays Tutorials.


The Secrets Of Becoming A Millionaire

This is a multipart tutorial that is ever growing. Currently the series includes part 1-6 and we are constantly expanding it. The series outlines observable trends, strategies and tactics that are proven to build wealth. The principles are sound and if implemented your finances will definitely improve.

Credit 101

This tutorial will teach you step by step how to improve bad credit or improve fair to good credit. If you want to improve your credit score. If you want to have better credit you definitely need to check this out

ETF Investing

ETFs are like low cost mutual funds. They have been shown to be very efficient investment vehicles for novice investors. This tutorial will teach you about ETFs. You will learn everything you need to know about investing in these powerful investments. Check out this tutorial, it’s full of crucial, actionable, information.


Your goals give your life purpose, meaning and direction. This goal tutorial will teach you how to set goals. Once you set and pursue appropriate goals your life will change for the better. Goals and habits shape your life for better or worst


This 4 part series is divided into parts 1-4. It will teach you how to develop good habits and limit or eliminate bad habits. Your habits along with your goals will shape your outcomes in life. Set and pursue good goals and develop good habits. If you do these things the sky will be the limit for you!!!!


This tutorial will teach you about mental fortitude. It will teach you about how to change your future by learning how to take control of your life!! Only you can change your life and this will teach you the principles required to develop the mindset to do so.

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